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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just Yell!

Here are the pictures of the prints of my three large plates with the yellow pages chine-colle I promised a while ago.................
The three prints together to complete the set

Plate No.1

Plate No.2

Plate No.3

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas is coming... Oh noooo!!!!

Hello all!

What an exciting weekend I have had! (Hint of sarcasm!) Was working all weekend but gotta bring in those pennies! Work hard to play hard and all that jazz! Also, Christmas is just around the corner! Oh god! (And also John Purcell, the paper supplier is going to be paying us a visit in the studio tomorrow... Looks like my bank balance could be about to take a nose dive!)

People in the studio have started printing their own Christmas cards for this year! Very good idea, but the amount of time my prints are taking me just now it could be doubtful whether I will ever get round to this task or not... One man (I think he is from illustration) has been printing these brilliant lino cuts for his Christmas card featuring Christmas scenes of 'the Christmas meal'. I really like his style and must see if I can get a picture of his work. Its a good idea as, by using the relief technique, he can just cut off the bit that says "Merry Christmas" and have a perfectly feasible print for another time. Smart thinking!

I still don't have a picture of my prints with the Yellow Pages but I do have a few of the prints I worked on today. These took careful planning, organization and drastic rising and falling of stress levels! I used Fabrino paper, etching and relief printing techniques along with monoprint and Chine-colle to achieve these results:

I think the combination of the very subtle gold highlights in this work well with the vivid green and strong contrasts of black and white although the highlights were VERY fiddly to stick down...

I like the combination of warm colours in this print. I then printed the green layer on top of this, which I will post as soon as I have the picture........

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Photos of Prints from 15/11/10

This is the print I'm not entirely sure of. I'm not sure whether it works or not... opinions of my fellow students are mixed...

This is the same plate collaged with japanese origami washi paper and white tissue paper with glitter in it. This one went down much better with my peers. The Japanese paper is really nice to print on and will have to try and get my hands on some more!

Visiting Artists and Yellow Pages

Today has been a slow day in the way of progress for me! Too many coffees and chatting in the studio I think! Oops! I managed to pull off 3 big prints though, which I was pretty happy with. My 3 large etching plates (which I have been making to form a triptych) measure 15" squared and have been printing them on to some nice squares of Fabriano. I hope to enter the prints in to a gallery competition calling for artists to submit 3 pieces of work showing their working process so fingers crossed this whole plan works out!

Today I chine-colled some strips of the Yellow Pages in to the prints. I really like the effect text has when incorporated in to an image as texture rather than readable text. I think it gives the work a further layer of context. The lines of the text also create a good contrast, with strong, straight lines against the flowing and organic lines of the print. I can't wait to see all 3 together when they are dry! Tomorrow I intend to hand sew some prints I have previously done together for a mixed media effect, yummy! :) We also have a visiting artist, Edward Dimsdale, so am quite looking forward to gaining an insight in to his techniques, process and work.

Tonight I made a start to my next paste up project, and this one is the biggest yet! Its made up of 4 pieces, but I think, if I'm crafty when sticking it up, I could add more to it at a later date if I decided to (and also if I don't get busted and thrown in jail! Ha ha!) Pics to follow hopefully...............

Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh Blogging!

Oh wow! A whole new blog just for me! I have FINALLY got round to making one, took me long enough! Website... coming soon....... Just for just now let me get a hang of this blogging first! OK, so I started my new job at Gap on Thursday and worked over the weekend too but managed to squeeze in a little partying and a trip to the cinema too which was fun! Today is Monday though so back to school for me it was!

Had a pretty good day, managing to pull off 2 prints of my medium etching plate on Fabriano paper, which I hadn't used before. The paper had to soak for 20 minutes in the water bath so I had to kind of estimate when to put it in for when I would be ready to print. I found it quite difficult to judge when I would be ready as I had quite a few little bits of Chine-collé that I needed to prepare and position on the plate to go through the press. I suppose those timing skills will improve with practice, like everything in Print Making! Although, it is a learning curve, and I do enjoy it a lot!

So I'll try to post up the pictures I took of it fairly soon, just let me see if my first ever blog post will work.............!!!