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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

12 PrintMAkers Exhibition Invite in London

My classmates and I will be exhibiting our work at The RKB Gallery in London (8-11th Nov then 14th-17th Nov). The Gallery is at 61 Union Street which is in the vacinity of Tate Modern, The Jerwood Space and The Bankside Gallery so could be easily fitted in to an inspiration collecting trip and is free entry!

If you feel like treating yourself to an early Christmas present, Printmaking Suppliers, Intaglio is also close by!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Commissions, Changing Spaces and New Plates

Since my recent exhibit on Regent Street, Cambridge, I have received some positive feedback. People saw my work in the windows of the shop and took the time out to contact me and tell me their thoughts. One man said he interpreted the image as rocks and suchlike, which he enjoyed and he said he couldn't think of anything that grew and progressed more slowly!

I also picked up a healthy commission from the display. A woman emailed me and said she had seen my work and would be interested in buying a smaller piece. I asked her various questions about what she would like and created something to suit her from what she had told me.

I also got a mention on the Changing Spaces website which you can have a look at by following this link.

Recently, in the studio, I have been experimenting with a change of scale and material. I have been trying my hand at lino cutting, which I love, as it is such a sculptural and rhythmic way of producing a print.

I am still in the early stages of experimenting with this piece and bellow you can see some of my provisional ideas.

I have also been experimenting with my tryptich set of plates. I have used chine-colle on some areas but was also considering hand-stitching in to them and framing separately. I think this would work well but could well be a very expensive decision so watch this space to see what happens! Here are the prints as they are now.

I have also invested in some new zinc plates! I cut the plates in to various shapes on the band saw, so now I can add them together with other plates I already have. In total there are 9 plates. They can be printed together to create one very large etching, or some of them can be printed separately to create small prints. I am nearly finished the 6 new plates and can't wait to get them back in to the studio to get them in the ferwick and etched! The photograph bellow helped me plan where the new plates should be placed in relation to one and other.