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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer, Framing, Competitions and a Constant Attempt to Expand my Audience

During the summer break from my course the blog has seemed to take a back seat unfortunately! However, this doesn't mean I've not been working away, even if I've not been in the studio for a while!

Before we broke off for summer I continued to print the long thin plate I recently posted photos of. I started to add colour through using watercolour to add a range of colours to lift the design and give it a new, vibrant look.

I then experimented by using coloured chine-colle pieces and masking areas in the print to try to show the multitude of layers in the print to the audience.

I like the effect this technique had but feel I could pull it off better. The first print, hand-coloured with watercolour paint works much better on an aesthetic level I think. The photos bellow show both prints side by side.

Due to the successful outcome of the long plate printed along with the use of watercolours I have now entered this to be selected for submissions to Bite: Artists Making Prints 2011 exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London.

Another piece I experimented on with with watercolours was my irregular shaped plate. With a very subtle use of yellow, blue and pink tones I gave the piece a fresh, summertime look about it. The piece has subsequently been named Growth and Process (Bubblegum) due to the colours used.

To enter this competition artists could choose up to 6 works to submit, with a maximum of 3 works to be selected. All work had to be framed as a requirement for it to be submitted. Due to the large size of my work it was costly for me to get it framed, but I suppose this will stand me in good stead for the future of the work doesn't get selected as I can now enter it to many competitions and will have it ready. I am now looking at my work from a more commercial point of view and attempting to expand as an artist. I intend to do this by entering my work in to as many competitions as possible and am currently designing an 8 page booklet which I can hopefully use as a sort of mini-portfolio. When the booklet is printed I plan to had it out to galleries etc in the hope to gain a wider audience through possible exhibitions.

I recently got some business cards printed which has spurred me on and given me a boost to continue this new self promotional idea and see where it takes me...

The website I got the business cards printed was very good value for money, extremely easy to use and I was very pleased with the outcome. If you are looking to get business cards printed quickly and easily, using your own images then I would strongly recommend a visit to Photographs bellow show both sides of the cards. The website provides you with the option to have a range of different designs across your collection of business cards to make them that little bit more interesting.

Due to delivering the framed pieces to London it provided me with the opportunity to drop in on some exhibitions. I saw the work of students between Year 11 and Year 13 (Which I think is between the ages of 15 and 18) at the Mall Galleries. Some of the work was incredible and some of the pupils' work displayed shows they have a bright future ahead of them, I was very impressed. The show was also interesting as you could see how different young peoples' attitudes are towards art rather than someone who has a lot of experience in this field. Most of them are trying to express exactly how they feel or see things through the use of art, rather than bubble wrapping their work in jargon and unrelated concepts and thoughts they were simply showing things as they saw them, nothing else.

I also visited the Summer Exhibition 2011 at the Royal Academy which was really good as this was an exhibition I really wanted to see. The collection of art being shown is made up of contemporary work from established and up and coming artists. It includes drawings, paintings, prints, photography, architecture, sculpture and more.When you enter you are given a book of prices of the work on display which is useful as it can give you a general idea of pricing and how you should start thinking about pricing your own work, which is something I find quite difficult. The show is on until 15th August and I would recommend it to any emerging artist to gain inspiration and ideas.

A piece that stood out for me was the war memorial which currently stands outside of the Royal Academy, with the smaller prototype included inside the exhibition space. I am not entirely sure who created this but I found it to be a highly emotional piece, managing to capture the soldier's feelings and communicate them to the viewer with just one glance at the statue.

Another piece I enjoyed in the courtyard was one by Jeff Koons. The piece was called 'Colouring Book' and played with the viewers perception and impression of reality leaving the viewer wandering what was real, what bits were cut put, what was reflecting behind you and what was actually in front of you! I found it colourful and fun; it fitted the spot and the general image of the show to incoming visitors perfectly.

It seems that, at the moment, my art is taking me all over the place, tomorrow I find out if any of my prints have been accepted to the Bite exhibition at Mall Galleries and on Friday I have to deliver my work to Norwich for the Assembly House Arts Show 2011! Its quite exciting, I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out!