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Friday, 23 March 2012

Hand Colouring, Stitching, Deconstruction, New Plates

In my last post I had written about a recent piece I had been working on using 3 different plates. I have now added various colours using water colour paints and Posca markers. This piece is so far untitled.

Dimensions: 150 cm (h) x 63 cm (w)

Here's a short statement about the work

The whole print comprises of an array of different colours, the top area consists strongly of greens, reds, blues and lavenders, much like the colours you would see in the Scottish countryside. The shapes migrate South, flowing through the rough rocks and cracks. As they reach the bottom the colours become richer and more varied, yet still containing the original greens as seen in the North.

Over the Christmas vacation I worked on a stitched print. The print also uses etching and chine-colle. At the moment I am trying to figure out what to do with the unfinished ends as they show that all three pieces belong together. Each print is named and signed separately.

Some of my work has managed to wing its way across to Belfast, Northern Ireland! Many thanks to Anne Brant who kindly volunteered to get the pieces framed for me and put in to a charity exhibition for Marie Curie. More details on this exhibition will follow shortly but for now, here are some snaps of the two I sent; Growth and Process (Colour Rich Slice) and Growth and Process (Tangled Up).

And finally! I have just finished etching 8 new plates. The plates took me much longer than expected to complete so getting them etched was a big relief! I can't wait to print them! The plates are a manageable, medium size at 23cm x 23cm presenting me with more scope to try smaller experiments with a suite of plates to choose from. The pieces can be tiled to create one big piece, printed in certain groups, on top of each other and rotated. These are just some initial ideas I've had so I'm dying to get stuck in to the inks and my new paper; Somerset Velvet White, 300gsm.

Thanks for having a look! If you have any comments, thoughts or opinions I would be glad to hear them so drop me a line or comment on the blog. I am currently in the process of setting up a Facebook page for Katy McDonald Original Prints so 'Like' my page for all the latest updates on how the work is going!