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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The New Retro, Greens and Golds and Re-Soaks

Getting back in to the studio after Christmas has been refreshing! By looking back at my photos taken for the blog I noticed I hadn't written about my new piece from before Christmas, Growth and Process (Retro Trip 2). The piece uses etching, linoprint, chine-colle and hand-colouring.

Another piece I created before Christmas was a large piece featuring 3 of my new plates. The piece was so large it went across 2 drying boards and unfortunately, due to this, and working in the shared environment that is the print studio (even though I love it!) the print got damaged. Yesterday I re-soaked, blotted and put the print back in the drying boards in hope to straighten the paper out. With any luck this attempt will work as I wish to introduce some hand colouring to this piece so stay tuned to see if my mission is successful!

The print re-soaked waiting to be blotted

The print on the drying boards


During the vacation I have been stitching in to one of my triptych prints and have used colours inspired by the countryside and highlands of my home country, Scotland. I think this has influenced the colours I have used in my new print, Growth and Process (Greens and Golds). When creating this print I experimented with using a touch of colour in the black ink just to lift it a little and give it a sense of life. A fellow student recommended this for me to try but I have never managed to get the ratio of the inks correct; I have always either put in too little colour, resulting in the colour being over powered by the black, or too much colour, resulting in... well, not the result I intended! Here are some photos of the inked up plates ready to be placed on the bed for the chine-colle pieces to be added.

Detail of inked up plate with areas cleaned out to create monoprint
Here is the final print, hot off the press and ready to go in the drying boards.