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Monday, 26 September 2011

Changing Spaces in Cambridge and Self Promotional Booklet

Over the course of the summer I have been attempting to put together a self promotional booklet. The booklet has 12 pages which include a little bit about me, my work and the ethos behind it and a selection of images of my work. As I produce a range of different sizes of work it is quite difficult to transport around etc so I created the booklet to be used as a mini folio, to introduce myself and the work I produce to possible clientele.

The booklets have now been printed, bound and delivered to me. I am really happy with the result. I have already started handing them out around Cambridge and intend to continue this attempt to gain a wider audience. The booklets were printed with Azimuth Print, which I would recommend to people looking for an affordable, professional printer.

I also joined Changing Spaces. The organization has been developed by Cambridge City Council and Love Cambridge. Due to the recession and other contributing factors many shops in the town centre have become empty and unused; Changing Spaces provides local artists to utilize this space and display their works. This opportunity benefits the artist, the city and its residents. It provides the artist with a good chance to gain interest from a wide audience as the work is displayed in window spaces in and around the city centre. The city benefits as the shop is no longer a dull, disused box, but now displays something of interest to the general public and fellow artists alike. The artist is allowed to include a supporting statement explaining a bit about the work, a little bit about themselves, including their contact details.

I applied and was contacted fairly shortly after submitting my work. The space that was available was 2 large windows on Regent Street. The opportunity was too good to pass up and I set my work up there this morning.

If you fancy popping along for a look you can find the peices displayed at 38-40 Regent Street, Cambridge from 26/9/11 - 10/10/11.

The snaps bellow show the pieces in situ.