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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Visiting Artists and Yellow Pages

Today has been a slow day in the way of progress for me! Too many coffees and chatting in the studio I think! Oops! I managed to pull off 3 big prints though, which I was pretty happy with. My 3 large etching plates (which I have been making to form a triptych) measure 15" squared and have been printing them on to some nice squares of Fabriano. I hope to enter the prints in to a gallery competition calling for artists to submit 3 pieces of work showing their working process so fingers crossed this whole plan works out!

Today I chine-colled some strips of the Yellow Pages in to the prints. I really like the effect text has when incorporated in to an image as texture rather than readable text. I think it gives the work a further layer of context. The lines of the text also create a good contrast, with strong, straight lines against the flowing and organic lines of the print. I can't wait to see all 3 together when they are dry! Tomorrow I intend to hand sew some prints I have previously done together for a mixed media effect, yummy! :) We also have a visiting artist, Edward Dimsdale, so am quite looking forward to gaining an insight in to his techniques, process and work.

Tonight I made a start to my next paste up project, and this one is the biggest yet! Its made up of 4 pieces, but I think, if I'm crafty when sticking it up, I could add more to it at a later date if I decided to (and also if I don't get busted and thrown in jail! Ha ha!) Pics to follow hopefully...............

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