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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas is coming... Oh noooo!!!!

Hello all!

What an exciting weekend I have had! (Hint of sarcasm!) Was working all weekend but gotta bring in those pennies! Work hard to play hard and all that jazz! Also, Christmas is just around the corner! Oh god! (And also John Purcell, the paper supplier is going to be paying us a visit in the studio tomorrow... Looks like my bank balance could be about to take a nose dive!)

People in the studio have started printing their own Christmas cards for this year! Very good idea, but the amount of time my prints are taking me just now it could be doubtful whether I will ever get round to this task or not... One man (I think he is from illustration) has been printing these brilliant lino cuts for his Christmas card featuring Christmas scenes of 'the Christmas meal'. I really like his style and must see if I can get a picture of his work. Its a good idea as, by using the relief technique, he can just cut off the bit that says "Merry Christmas" and have a perfectly feasible print for another time. Smart thinking!

I still don't have a picture of my prints with the Yellow Pages but I do have a few of the prints I worked on today. These took careful planning, organization and drastic rising and falling of stress levels! I used Fabrino paper, etching and relief printing techniques along with monoprint and Chine-colle to achieve these results:

I think the combination of the very subtle gold highlights in this work well with the vivid green and strong contrasts of black and white although the highlights were VERY fiddly to stick down...

I like the combination of warm colours in this print. I then printed the green layer on top of this, which I will post as soon as I have the picture........

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