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Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh Blogging!

Oh wow! A whole new blog just for me! I have FINALLY got round to making one, took me long enough! Website... coming soon....... Just for just now let me get a hang of this blogging first! OK, so I started my new job at Gap on Thursday and worked over the weekend too but managed to squeeze in a little partying and a trip to the cinema too which was fun! Today is Monday though so back to school for me it was!

Had a pretty good day, managing to pull off 2 prints of my medium etching plate on Fabriano paper, which I hadn't used before. The paper had to soak for 20 minutes in the water bath so I had to kind of estimate when to put it in for when I would be ready to print. I found it quite difficult to judge when I would be ready as I had quite a few little bits of Chine-collé that I needed to prepare and position on the plate to go through the press. I suppose those timing skills will improve with practice, like everything in Print Making! Although, it is a learning curve, and I do enjoy it a lot!

So I'll try to post up the pictures I took of it fairly soon, just let me see if my first ever blog post will work.............!!!

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