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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Vase

Here are some snaps of a vase I made recently. I used the traditional techniques of coiling to make this, along with slip in-lay for the decoration on the outside and mixture of oxides on the inside.

The rim of the pot has been trimmed to an organic shape, as the piece is intended for decorational use. During the Ceramics lessons that I teach, I try to draw my students' attention to the rim of their pot, as this informs the viewer of what to expect from the piece. If the rim is irregular, this could indicate that the pot is decorative, where as if the piece was made for drinking from the rim would be smooth and constant, as the user would be expected to put this to their lips. It can also give an indication of the weight of the piece.

As always, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Let me know what you think!