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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ceramic Jug: Mixing Building and Decorational Techniques

I've started working more and more with ceramics due to what's been readily available to me.

My most recent creation is the jug that I will show in this post. My aim was to combine a range of techniques to make a functional item. I wanted to keep the strong graphic approach I show with in my prints, using bold colours and shapes.

When building the jug I used pinch pot, coil and slab building techniques. I decided to make simple surface decoration by in-laying coloured slip. When the jug was at the leather-hard stage of drying, I sketched on my design, and used a lino cutting tool to incise the design in to the surface. I then filled these lines with the coloured slip and when that was dry I scraped it back, so it was flush with the surface level.

I wanted to highlight the features in the form of the jug through the slip in-lay design, as well and try to keep and show a balance with in the piece.