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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Residency at The Water Tower: Part Three, The Faith and Belief Installation Completed!

Following the unfortunate turn of the weather at the end of the Residency in January, I was unable to complete the installation that I had planned due to the pond freezing over. This was very frustrating, but it gave me the perfect excuse to go back to the Water Tower at the beginning of March to complete the installation, and visit Ros Stoddart, at the same time!

It felt great to be back in the magical place I had so many great memories from earlier in the year, but this time the snow had melted away and the sun was shining! I was really excited about setting the whole thing up together as it had been long anticipated from when all the different elements had been completed! I set up the flags to begin with and photographed them on their own with some crisp, winter sunshine in the midst of setting for the day. Luckily, the weather was favoring the installation set-up this time, as it complements the message of peace and tranquility with stillness and warmth that can be seen in these photographs.

After I took these photos, I had to get the boats ready to be launched at dusk. The boats, and the top parts to protect the candles were in the studio where I had left them, waiting to be constructed.

I pulled on a pair of Ros's wellies and, when the boats were set up and ready to go, I took them all down to the pond. As I stepped in to the water, it brought back some pretty funny memories of when I had tested the boats on the pond during the winter time. The life of an artist goes from one extreme to another at times: Sometimes you are attending glamorous and sophisticated galleries in a swanky dress and some heels for a Private Views and sometimes you find yourself in wellies, paddling in ponds in the dark, launching candle it paper boats! It certainly is varied, but that's probably the reason why I love it!

Here are the photos of the completed installation.

I also took a short video clip showing the flickering of the candles inside the boats and the movement of the boats on the water, again, controlled by the elements.

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