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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Refectory Table Creative Business Day at The Water Tower, Northampton

A friend and I had found out about a Creative Business Day being held at the Water Tower. The course was held by a couple running a partnership, encouraging creative start-ups through informal, relaxed and friendly workshops, business courses and mentoring schemes. Pete Mosley and Janet Currie are known as The Refectory Table. I would highly recommend their courses and advice to any Creative looking to get that extra boost to get their business idea off the ground. They are like-minded people who understand the difference of starting up your own business selling your creative wares and/or skills compared to launching a regular business venture. Their website can be found at

18 Creatives from all over the country arrived in the morning, signed the register and got name tags and the most important thing for full concentration - a cup of tea! The Water Tower was the perfect place to hold the workshop, as it is a laid-back, friendly and creative atmosphere, away from the distractions and stresses of every day life, which really helped you to relax, and focus, creating a very productive learning environment.

The room where the presentation was given and most of the workshop was held in

The day started off with a presentation from Pete Mosley. The presentation helped to spark ideas in my head and helped me to clarify what exactly I am doing, selling and aiming for, and at. Afterwards, we had a break for lunch, which gave us the chance to meet the other people involved in the workshop and find out a bit about them and their background. As the sun shone, we tucked in to delicious salads, freshly baked bread and cakes, sitting outside and soaking up the gorgeous weather and surroundings.

When we regrouped, we split off in to pairs to discuss key events in our lives which, in turn, could be tailored to build our 'story'. If you have a story, it adds personality to the product or service you are attempting to sell. I think people are much more likely to buy in to something if they can see the person behind it. Combined this with honesty and you can engage potential clients, resulting in success.

Janet Currie's report on the day can be read on The Refectory Table's Blog, which includes photos from the day and comments from the artists involved.

Since The Creative Business Day, I have FINALLY set up my website! It is something I have had on my 'to-do' list for far too long. I am still working on it but am happy for people to visit and let me know what they think. Any constructive criticism is very welcome so please feel free to get in touch!

You can find it at

I also now have a Twitter account! If you wish to follow me you can find me @KatyMcDonaldArt

The website landing page

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