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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Assembly House Art Show 2013: Art Alive!

It came as a surprise to me when I received an email requesting that I please send a Jpeg image and a statement about the image to be displayed in the Assembly House Art Show 2013. I didn't even know I had been accepted! I was confused, but when I thought about it, I realized that I had submitted my idea for a piece for the show when I was living in my old house and the acceptance letter must have been sent there. This was the reason I was unaware!

I looked at the proposal I had written and realized I still had to actually make the work! I had in my head what I wanted, so I prepared some paper and had some fun making lots of samples of relief etchings in bright colours. 

The piece I eventually ended up with is called Growth and Process (Specimen Collection I) and is in display now at The Assembly House Art Show 2013: Art Alive!

Growth and Process (Specimen Collection I)

About the Work:

Growth and Process (Specimen Collection I) is a precious accumulation of original prints. This personal selection abstractly examines the effects caused by chemicals and substances used throughout the printmaking process of etching. Influences include organic shapes and growths seen in nature and decay representing the beauty and fragility of existence.

The show opened on 8th April and will run until 8th May 2013. 

Opening times are Monday - Saturday, 9am-5pm.


The Assembly House is a Grade I-listed Georgian building with its amazing interior and well groomed gardens showing a diverse range of work by 120 artists from the East Anglia region. If you fancy a visit you can look forward to pottery, sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, installation and video; you're bound to find something you like!

Here's a snippet from the Assembly House website (where you can also view the whole catalog of the exhibition in PDF format) :

Co-curators John and Yvonne Millwood said: “When choosing from the hundreds of original ideas submitted, our emphasis was on quality and variety. We have chosen works that we think are good of their kind – we have not interpreted art narrowly. We hope you will agree that the exhibition is exciting and thought-provoking. And that the Assembly House is an ideal, non-stuffy venue for living art where all are welcomed; we hope that parents will also bring their children so that they too can experience the joy of art.”

The busy Private View
Next to my piece, enjoying a glass of bubbly at the Private View

A little quieter the next day for a return trip for a better look at the work on display!

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