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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fibo-Seed: Multi-Block Reduction Lino

Last summer I made a trip to The Eden Project in Cornwall. I was interested to see the biome constructions that house the plants inside like huge greenhouses, simulating warmer conditions, but mainly excited and intregued to see The Seed sculpture in the heart of one of the buildings in the Eden Project: The Core.

The Biomes at The Eden Project

The sculpture has been carved from a piece of granite that took artist, Peter Randall-Page and his team, two years to find, and two years to carve and weighs a whopping 70 tonnes!

I was blown away by the piece. It was tangiable, tactile, appealing and accessable to and audience of all ages. The way The Seed is displayed, inside a sort of circular white room, tapering up in to a funnel that opens out to a window above, which lights the object, made me feel very small and enforced the realization that nature is all around and should be respected, embraced and protected by man-kind, as it provides us with so much, which, sometimes, we can be blind to.

The Seed was carved completely by hand

The might Seed, by Pater Randall-Page
Back in Cambridge, around about the same time I found out about the Fibonacci sequence, as a result of a conversation at the pub with some friends. I spent a long time the next day researching it and watching various videos explaining about it on youtube.

As a reaction to both of these things I began to note down ideas for a new print. I created a new piece called Fibo-Seed using 2 lino blocks, and six layers: A reduction lino multi block. My bedroom floor became my press, with the pieces hung on a make shift line to dry for each layer after it was hand-burnished on my homemade registration block!

After 6 layers of ink I ended up with a limited edition of 22 of these. If you like the piece and want one to hang on your wall they are available to buy from the Saatchi Online shop by following this link.

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