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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Faith and Belief in Snowdonia

Last weekend my friends put on a private party/mini festival sort of thing out in the mountains of Snowdonia national park in Wales. It took us about 5 hours to get there but it was so worth it to be a part of something truly magical. We were blessed with good weather along with some spectacular scenery and surroundings to spend the bank holiday weekend in.

Our camp was set up loosely around an old barn, with an inscription on the fireplace reading 1511, however, the people who now own the barn and know more if its history reckon it was built around 100 years earlier than this. Not much has changed in the interior and it still boasts most of its original fittings inside.

The Site (Photo courtesy of James Waddingham)

The Site

The barn where I set up the installation
When my friends picked me up in Cambridge, I was quizzed as to why I was bringing so much of my art stuff with me, to which I didn't really have an answer, apart from one of the organisers had told me to bring it! When I got to the site, I was shown the upstairs of the barn. I was so excited because as soon as I saw it I could envisage my work set-up in there and how it would all work!

The original fittings and quirky bits in the structure worked perfectly with the banner from the Faith and Belief installation, and we managed to use the beams and stone walls to our advantage to hook the flags on to. All the pieces seemed to fit together like a jigsaw and I was totally buzzing and couldn't quite believe how perfectly it worked!

The banner filled the doorway shape in the middle of the room and there were just enough flags to go round the perimeter. The rough texture and grey of the stone walls against the crisp white and bright colours with the bright sunshine streaming through the windows reinstated the original concept and thought process behind the project in the first place: comparing my artistic practice to a form of faith, belief or a religion and how it can make you feel the same enlightenment and uplifting effect as a god can have on someone who follows a religion; its all about what you believe in, whether it be a god, art, music. Fact or fiction, pursue what makes you feel happy, chase what makes you feel alive.

It was as if they were made for each other...

Flag patterns Vs Stone wall patterns

Streaming sunlight

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