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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Faith and Belief: Three Pillars

From exploring the themes of Faith and Belief I produced three long, thin pieces. These were mainly to test colours and to try out the new lino blocks that I had cut. I knew that I needed to finish them some how but I didnt know, at the time when I printed them, exactly how I would do this. The long paper strips hung around the studio for a few months until, after visiting and taking inspiration from the London Original Print Fair last year, and looking at how religious establishments communicated with their followers, it came to me. Inspired by banners, scrolls and pillars I decided to create this 3D piece; 'Faith and Belief: Three Pillars', it measures 45cm (w) x 150cm (h).

'Faith and Belief: Three Pillars'

1 comment:

  1. Hello Katy, these looks really good. If I hadn't seen these in reality, I would be confused about their size. The first two photos make the pillars look quite petite which I thought interesting.. you know me and miniatures! Great work. Love your prints.