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Saturday, 27 October 2012

A New Take on an Old Favourite: Mixing Things up with some Lino Cutting, Rotation Over-Printing and Lots of Bright Colours!

Over summer I had bought a piece of lino to cut and doing so provided me with the perfect relief over the course of an otherwise stressful task - moving house! Taking my favorite shapes out of their natural, fossil-like environment and introducing them to a new, more geometrically based realm, drawing parallels to my own experience. Still drawing similar references to my previous etching style - playing with negating and positive space and the possibilities different layers and transparencies can offer. I drew strong references from a trip to Bristol where I came across some of the most astounding street work I have ever seen after the street art festival, See No Evil.

The lino plate in the final stages of being cut out
Multi tonal, 180 plate rotation print on some beautiful, Japanese, Tosa Washi paper.

My workspace - inking up the tile and having fun mixing bright colours!

Who would have thought one person could use so many cotton wool buds in one go...

Colour proof on newsprint.

My favorite result - in my opinion, the best use of colour from what was produced.

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  1. I am liking these new prints Katy... love the photos of your table of all the colours and buds!