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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Norwich and London Exhibitions and Self Promotion

The exhibition opening in Norwich for the Assembly House Art Show 2011, Flying Colours: Fascinating Forms went really well and is open until 31/8/11, attracting over 200 people a day!

Follow this link for more information on the show and events that are on at the Assembly House during this time.

The Eastern Daily Press commented : "The Georgian gem in the heart of Norwich is suddenly reborn as a major gallery via an event which aims to be the region’s answer to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition." 4/8/11

I was really excited by this comment and have been receiving some positive feedback from family, friends and fellow students who have been to see the show. The venue itself is beautiful and exceedingly well kept, with huge Ballrooms, a Bar, amazing chandeliers, a lovely garden area and a sweet little cafe with a range of devilish cakes and treats to choose from!

Click the picture bellow of the article and zoom in to read the Eastern Daily Press Review...

The Upcoming British Talent Exhibition at The Future Gallery in London opened on 4th Aug, which was a collection of contemporary art from new graduates and upcoming artists from within the UK. It had a totally different feel to it than the swanky and sophisticated Assembly House, it was smaller and less grand but more intimate with a fresh, cool vibe to go with it. The venue was a very long space with funky tunes,  large wall space, excellent lighting, a projector at one end showing images of the building, and a Courvoisier Bar at the other. You can hopefully manage to ignore my awful camera work but manage to pick up the feel of the place by this short video bellow from the opening night!

Here are some images from the opening night, the venue and how my work was displayed.

The exhibition was supposed to last until 10th Aug but got extended until 16th which was brilliant news as it provided more time for more people to visit. I have heard some good feedback about the exhibition including a lot of footfall so being able to get my work seen by so many people int the heart of London.

I was really happy as this was a great opportunity the exhibition provided me with and wish to aim for more of these kind of events in the future.

To try and expand my audience I have recently finished designing a 12 page, self promotional booklet which I just uploaded to the printers last night. I am now waiting for my proof to arrive and then go ahead with the print if everything is alright with that. I am hoping to use the booklet as a mini folio. As my work is of large scale it is difficult to transport so I plan to hand this out/send to galleries so they can see my work, have an introduction to me as a person and an insight in to what my work is all about, and (fingers crossed!) get back to me and hopefully want to display my work, which is one of my next aims.

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