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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dr Doodley's 2nd Annual Drink & Draw Exhibition

I am lucky enough to have a piece of my work included in Dr. Doodley's 2nd Annual Drink & Draw Exhibition, which opens to the public on 7th May 2014. You can pop along to see the show and enjoy a fine cup of coffee at one of the coolest cafes in Cambridge: Hot Numbers, where the show is due to be held.

Feel free to come along to the opening night, it should be good, with most of the artists who made the work there and, more than likely, in high spirits, from 6:30pm on 7th May.

Opening Times

Mon 07:30-18:00
Tue 07:30-18:00
Wed 07:30-18:00
Thurs 07:30-22:00
Fri 07:30-22:00
Sat 07:30-18:00
Sun 07:30-22:00

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