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Sunday, 6 October 2013

MAMFAMA Exhibition and Graduation

So the end has come, and all too soon, of my Masters course in Printmaking at Anglia Ruskin University! Our final MAMFAMA show has been and gone, but not without some great feedback from everyone who attended, of whom I would like to thank, A LOT, for coming along, and I hope you all enjoyed seeing the show as much as I did being a part of it! Here are some snaps of how the gallery looked when the show was hung and ready to go.

My certificate of completion of the course was sent to me and I graduated with a Merit on Tuesday 1st Oct. It was a great day, accompanied by fellow Printmakers and my mum and brother who, very kindly, traveled down from Scotland to share the moment with me.

My MA Certificate
Proud mum, brother and I

Lots of photos...!

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