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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Curious Yellow Weekend 2013

I hear the word on the street is that the summer could be over, and what a wonderful summer it has been! One of the highlights for me has to have been Curious Yellow Weekend (5th-7th July). It is a small, fresh and intimate festival, showcasing up and coming, emerging DJ talents and bands, all organized and coordinated by good friend of mine, Daniel James. The whole site, scenery, effects and lighting are put together by a community of people passionate about the festival, and the concept that lays behind it.

This year I was lucky enough to have some of my work on display in one of the large marquee stages, along with some amazing web-like creations by Liquid Scape Design.

Photograph courtesy of Ashley Davies


When I wearily stuck my head out of my tent on Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MDF wall surrounding the main arena was being spray painted by a group of local graffiti artists. As we eagerly waited for the second day of the festival to kick off it was a treat to watch the whole wall evolve in to an amazing mural through out the day.

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