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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Winter Sun and Fabric Fun

I have started experimenting with printing lino on to fabric. Using the blocks seen in my last post I decided this would be the ideal way to build large prints and still be able to store the pieces efficiently. I had also bee looking at the long thin prints, seen in the previous post, and thinking I would like that as a scarf so was intrigued to see what results I could achieve by printing on to some thin textiles. I decided to use my favorite colours to start off and really liked the different shapes, forms and movement that the material created throughout the printed pattern.

The fabric hanging in the studio after printing
 It was just before Christmas time when I printed this piece and the weather was cold and crisp with a beautiful, bright winter sun so I thought I would take advantage of this and photograph the fabric outside. People who saw me swooshing around in the fallen leaves and bushes must have thought I was crazy but I quite enjoyed myself snapping up these photos on such a gorgeous morning!

For my second fabric I used more aquatic colours as they are my mum's favorite. It served as an ideal Christmas present for her, which she was delighted with and took great pleasure in sowing off to all of her friends!

A section of the scarf in aquatic colours, made for a Christmas gift

1 comment:

  1. Your scarf was admired by a wide variety of people who all appreciated your new designs.
    I just love the flow of the design and the colours, Katy. I feel it also has a celtic and perhaps a musical link to the pattern.
    The scarf is beautiful to wear and has a certain air of sophistication.